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Thankappan Assan, born in 1930, began to study the art of Kalarippayattu at the age of 10 from of three masters; his uncles Kuttiyappi Guru, Eliazer Guru and Devasahayam Guru. He also learnt from them Kalarippayattu's, various medical treatments and massages. From 1968 he started performing all over India, showing the Traditional Marital Arts.
His talents where brought to the outside world by BBC Team, who arrived in India to film the school. 

At the present he is still practicing and teaching, although his first dedication is the medical aspect. He is assigned at the school by his son Ajith Kumar.

Ajith Kumar is born in 1968, started his studies on Kalarippayattu at the age of 10 under the guidance of his father. Most times winner of the State Kalarippayattu Championship, he has been teaching and performing in India for more than fifteen years. In 1993 he receives a prestigious award from the Dekshina Kerala Marma Thirumu Kalarippayattu Association, and the same year he performed for the Milon Mela Theatre Group, directed by Abani Biswas, actor in the Source Theatre of J. Grotowsky, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Austria..).In the year 2000 he was invited to Valladolid, Spain, to take part in the First International Meeting about Asia, and in 2001 he performed in Paris, France, in the South Indian Festival Latitudes Vilette, and also in the Summer Festival of Rome, Italy.



The Maruthi Marma Chikilsa & Kalari Sangham is a school founded in 1957 by P. Thankappan Assan Guru in Mudavanmukal, Trivandrum (Kerala. South India).




He also performed at the Theatre festival in Germany 2003 Indian Festival in Milano-Assago at Fila Forum.

Now working in collaboration with SATSANGAM Art & Culture Cetre in Kerala and also Bheeshma Art & Cultural Centre in France.

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